About me

“My music tends to always have a visual and evocative component; beyond the harmonic aspect I also like to experiment with sound textures and to create environments and atmospheres with which to provoke moods and emotional responses in the listener.

As for working on the music of others, I try to respect the essence of the source material and enhance the experience with new ideas and perspectives…”

What the press say:

…it happened that the symphonic waves expanded, they wanted to mix the foam and the salt with other navigational arts and, in the end, this prodigy was born that yesterday flooded the Teatro de la Laboral with harmonies…

Alberto Piquero – Elcomercio.es

…the ballad “Náufrago” sounded emotional, with a beautiful initial piano, and brutal wind and string arrangements…

César Muela – Rafabasa.com

…it increases the epic atmosphere considerably through the intervention of the orchestra adding nuances that make it deepen in a much more mature composition…

Mr. Dunnaway – Fotoconciertos.com